CXS Specification 1.2 (Compact XML Serialization)

CXS stands for Compact XML Serialization.

CXS is an XML application for data serialization developed by zehnet which offers the possibility of transferring complex data structures between programming environments.

The process of creating an XML representation of application data is called serialization.
The process of instantiating data from an XML representation is called unserialization.
CXS adapts PHP’s serialization structure to XML and extends this structure with some data types known from WDDX.

CXS is aimed to offer a representation of data structures which is compact (i.e. few bytes, little overhead) and effectively to parse in different programming environments.
The idea for CXS was to build up a serialization scheme for Flash (client) – PHP (server) communication, which can be handled easily in both environments and keeps traffic as low as possible.

CXS is offered under GNU Lesser General Public License and can be used freely. read on further »

posted by nik on March 07, 2005